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An Update

5 minute read

I ported the blog from WordPress to Jekyll! Also I’m writing more!

Thoughts on Link’s Awakening

5 minute read

I beat Link's Awakening for the first time since I was a kid, via the lovely Switch port. It's consistently been one of my favorite Zelda games, with ...

Destroyer: A Review

7 minute read

I discovered Chris Fox through Instagram. I'm pretty sure it was Instagram. I found an ad for an eBook titled '5,000 Words Per Hour.' T...

Thoughts on Popful Mail

9 minute read

So in the interests of writing something here, I thought I'd write a bit on a game I played recently, with a really silly title. Popful Mail was released o...

Staying Motivated

5 minute read

A friend just asked on Facebook what tips I might have for staying motivated while researching/writing. Instead of making a few concise bullet-points, I figu...

NaNoWriMo 2016 - Pre-Planning

6 minute read

Header image via Morguefile. So here we are again. May to September. No point in dwelling on that, I suppose, though I did manage to finish the draft of The ...

Testing the Lights

8 minute read

Summary of what I’ve been doing with my life since January, as rambling and random as always.

Building Salazarre, pt. V

9 minute read

You thought I forgot about this, didn't you? Jeeze, about a month has passed since I last did this, hasn't it? And here I am again frantically writing this p...

The Way of Kings: A Review

20 minute read

One of the longer reviews I’ve written in recent memory. For a book with 1,000+ pages, it’s fitting.

Dreaming of Houses

6 minute read

So I'm at a loss for a blog post this coming weekend. It's a Thursday as I write this, so I'm coming up against the clock a bit. I've got another book revi...

The Woman Who Would Be King: A Review

7 minute read

Book reviews are something writers do, right? I'd like to review the books I'm reading after I'm done with them, it's a pretty decent way to get blog posts....

Building Salazarre, pt. IV

6 minute read

Part 4 of the series, focusing on the original idea that created the setting Salazarre.

Dreaming of Delis

7 minute read

An exploration of a dream, hopefully the first of another series.

Building Salazarre, pt. II

6 minute read

Part 2 of musing about worldbuilding, focusing on the name ‘Salazarre.’

Construct vs. Character

8 minute read

Wherein I complain about anime having unrealistic characters, because of course I do.

Mall Fly

3 minute read

Musings on malls as I wait for my car to get inspected.

Description and Dialogue

5 minute read

Explaining ideas, whether through lecture or dialogue. Spoilers: always go with the second.


2 minute read

Okay, here we go. At the insistence of my friend Karen, and the subtle prodding of my other friend Becca, I've finally gone about and made a professional w...