Wherein I detail whatever I’m working on right now.

This can change on a week by week basis, generally; I can be pretty scatterbrained when it comes to my writing. On the whole, though, there’s a few major projects I’ll be working on throughout the year, and those are:

The Witch and the Serpent

Something like an Indiana Jones adventure in a dark fantasy setting, it details the journey of a witch named Relia, and a half-serpentine princess named Syrene. They travel a land wracked by endless war, through ruins haunted by otherworldly shadow, dealing with themes of anxiety, the fear of death, and social exclusion.

Currently working on the second draft. Slowly.

Along a Distant Star

A military sci-fi story about a destroyer stranded after a bad FTL jump. The captain is killed, and command passes to the chief science officer, who is not ready to take command but has to figure something out. She also falls for the harsh chief tactical officer.

I’m just playing around with a first draft right now.

The Myrmidon

This is more worldbuilding than an actual novel right now. It’s based in a harsh, dark fantasy world.

So far I have one story out for beta readers, but I don’t know if I’ll wind up trying to publish it.

This list is likely to change at any time, and I expect I’ll make a blog post discussing what I’m changing, when I do.

Last updated: March 13, 2019.