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Okay, here we go.

At the insistence of my friend Karen, and the subtle prodding of my other friend Becca, I've finally gone about and made a professional writing website.

Granted, I've got no idea what I'm doing here, and this place is likely to change wildly as the days pass and I come to realize "oh Jesus, this is actually a thing now," and frantically rearrange the layout around in something approximating competence.

But we'll take it one step at a time.

If you don't know me personally, which I suppose is something that could happen, I'm Matt Velez, a guy approaching the twilight years of his 20s and trying to make them count. A New Jersey native, I've been spending my adult life in Pennsylvania, out on the Philly suburbs. I haven't been writing too long, only turning serious when I was 22, but it's been a ride as fun as I could ask for.

I'm currently working over in Trevose, near the Jersey-Penn border, and it helps pay the bills while I vividly imagine somewhere else I'd rather be. In the four years I've been writing, I've come up with far more than I could have predicted, all of them in some stage between "hey, wouldn't it be cool if..." all the way to completed work.

I've dreamed of different places, different times my entire life, but it's only recently I've tried putting them to words. Sometimes I feel as if I'm behind the curve in that regard, though I can't deny I've come a hell of a long way since I first asked my friend on a sunny March afternoon, "how do I become more creative, anyway?"

Yeah, it was honestly that random. In my defense, he's a clever guy.

So far, I'm intending this to be a site mostly focused on my fiction writing and my thoughts about it. Though, I've just begun web development a few days ago, and that's probably something I should be talking about, as well. I imagine, once that gets going, this place will start to serve this awkward dual role wherein I simultaneously discuss the merits of fantasy economies and how they relate to political intrigue, and then complain about why my Ruby code isn't compiling. Hopefully not in the same post!

Of course, being that I'm into far more than just fiction writing and programming, expect some opinionated posts on politics, gaming, modern literature, whatever I can be bothered to write a few hundred words for. I've already got a post queued up talking about my experience with Star Wars games in the mid-2000s, so yeah. That'll be a thing.

Can't say I know where this is all gonna take me, but I'll make sure I at least make a post once a week. Have to give off the impression I'm being active, right?

Not much more to say, I think. Looking forward to the future, and I hope you'll be, too.